Use a Bigger Pool of Prospects to Find the Right Fit

Jobs have gotten a lot more specific these days. Roles are far more complex, and there’s a good chance that at least one of the positions you will need to fill will combine a weird mish mash of skills, some of which may be scarce. After all, there’s no longer room for one trick ponies at the top of major organizations. You need to have candidates who are flexible, knowledgeable, and adaptable.

The good news is that while the number of candidates who fit the bill may have gotten smaller, you have a bigger pool of prospects to choose from to find the perfect fit.

If you’d like to use a global talent search to find that one special employee, then there are a few things you need to know.

Job Sites Are Your Friend

The good news is that while you’re searching the world for that one special employee, special people are looking to emigrate too. They’re searching internet job sites as you read this, so the very best way to reach them is to start posting your jobs not only on local job sites, but also on their global equivalents.

Language Is a Factor

When you hire internationally, you are going to get involved in immigration issues, and one of those will be linguistic ability. With few exceptions, candidates who emigrate to the U.S. to take up a position will have to prove their proficiency in English, so make that a part of your international screening process.

Post all your ads in English only, and ask for proof of ability early in the hiring process.

Have a Credential Verification Plan

Another big factor in international hiring is the equivalency of credentials. Not all titles or specializations will be called the same thing in other countries, and there may well be different qualification levels in the countries you’re targeting. Be prepared to enter a more complicated education and professional credential verification process, and if licensing is an issue in your industry, bear in mind that you might need to arrange bridging courses or U.S. exams for your international hires.

Health Is a Factor

You might not be able to request medicals as a part of your local hiring process in most cases, but if your candidate is emigrating from abroad to take up a position, medicals will be a part of their immigration process. Make sure you mention that they need to be eligible for U.S. immigration on medical and criminal grounds. These are usually legal deal breakers if not met, from an immigration point of view, and the last thing you need is a tricky legal situation where you’re forced to break a contract because of factors outside of your control.

Hiring a Pro Is Recommended

Having the world’s most talented people a mouse click away is a huge boon to companies who need scarce skills and exceptional candidates, but international hiring is a very different, very complex undertaking.

Unless you have a highly skilled HR department in your company who can deal with all aspects of international screening and verification, and who know how the immigration process works, it’s always best to defer to the pros.

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