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There’s an old saying that goes “How do you turn an ordinary man into a murderer? Put him behind the wheel of a vehicle!” Sadly, it’s a fact that more than 37,000 Americans die in road crashes every year, while an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled. Having any of these on your conscience is too many for most business owners, so it’s imperative to avoid employing any driver with a professional license suspension against their name.

Driving Jobs in the U.S.

Driving jobs are a huge economic factor in the United States’ economy. As of May 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the number of drivers employed across the nation as:

In all of these industries, employers have a duty to do due diligence and make sure they employ only drivers with a clean record.

Risks of Employing a Suspended Driver

The risk to your business of employing a driver with a professional license suspension against him (or her) goes way beyond concern for your vehicle or an increase in your insurance premiums. If the job depends on driving, such as an airport or hotel shuttle, for example, you wouldn’t want someone with an invalid record representing your company.

What if your employee is a salesperson who calls on clients? Consider the liability you would face if a client was injured while your representative with a suspended license was driving them to lunch? Would your insurance pay out if a driver with a suspended license crashed while transporting materials worth millions of dollars? Probably not.

These risks can add up tremendous losses for you personally, just because you employ a driver with a suspended license.

What ‘Due Diligence’ Means

Performing due diligence to ensure all your employees have legitimate driving licenses requires you to do more than simply ask if they have a valid license. You’ll need to engage in professional employment screening to be confident of the truth.

  • Check their identity against documentation they present, and then verify it independently. Otherwise, someone could be operating under a false identity for the purposes of getting a job. Driver license fraud is big business, both for the purpose of identity theft and for working in jobs that require a license.
  • Verify that they not only hold a driver’s license, but that it is current and has not been suspended. Professional license verification methods vary between states, so it’s important to find out what steps you need to take to get confirmation of a license in your region. 
  • Ensure the information is accurate, by checking the date of expiry and the state of issue, and comparing this against the intelligence turned up by a comprehensive background check.

Even if you discover your applicant is as clean as a whistle, you need to recheck every year or so to make sure the situation remains the same. A professional license suspension can occur at any time, and it’s not a surprise to figure out the driver may keep this quiet if it happens for fear of losing his job.

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