International Education Verifications

International Education Verifications

Fake ID business uses children as shields

Pregnant women and young mothers in the business of selling fake documentation around Renmin University are escaping penalties by using their children as shields.

A student’s identity card, a university diploma, or any other type of identification you might need for that matter, all can be obtained here — at a price of course. Students, both non-local and local postgraduates and undergraduates, make up the business’ main customer base, although everyone knows very well this kind of trade is prohibited by law.

The forgers gather at the east gate of People’s University of China in order to seize the abundant business opportunities. Encompassed by many commercial and entertainment facilities, this spot offers both a convenient location as well as a high count of passersby, basically equal to a stream of potential customers.

Pregnancy and lactation are perceived to be the qualifications that lead a woman into the business of illicit document trading. According to relevant regulations, a woman who is pregnant or breast-feeding her own babies, that have not yet reached the age of one, cannot be subjected to the governmental punishment of being taken into custody. In other words, these forgers can escape the penalty by using their children as their shields.

Selling fake documentation is an incredibly lucrative trade. Take Wang Hong for example, one of the vendors who has recently given birth to her second child. She claims she can make over a hundred thousand yuan per year selling forged IDs.


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