International background check companies know what information gleaned by technology you can use and what’s private.  

Technology has changed our lives in so many ways. It’s changed how we shop, communicate and find new opportunities. It has made millionaires out of college dropouts, and it’s made encyclopedias and phone books obsolete.

It’s also changed the way that companies and governments collect and share information, and there’s a saying about the world-wide web that rings very true in this instance: if you’re not paying for it, you’re probably the product.

Free services online are mega earning machines thanks to advertising, marketing, and data gathering. Everything you do online is known, to someone, and that does make creating and enforcing privacy legislation a lot trickier.

It’s all about to get more complicated too, as companies around the world get closer and closer to launching true artificial intelligence. You thought finding good international background check companies was difficult… try safeguarding privacy when machines know everything we do, say and think!

Big Data Is Driving AI Development

Companies, individuals and governments are just realizing the privacy challenges AI presents, but the truth is, the cat has been out of that particular bag for a very long time.

From self-driving cars to personal robots, all of the hardware and software currently being developed in the AI field already uses big data as the basis for algorithms and programming. In other words, all the information that companies have been collecting about consumers and users for decades are being used to create products that meet genuine needs, and to make them as useful and tailored as possible.

Even Facebook is moving away from human moderated news to an AI system that has used data gathered via their platform to “learn” which stories to post.

If you use the internet at all, a piece of you and your preferences is already part of all that.

The Trouble with Machines…

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to privacy issues related to machines is that unlike people, machines can be owned. That also means that the person or company that owns that machine owns the information that is stored in its databases.

If you, as a consumer, use that machine, and unwittingly and unknowingly provide personal information about yourself to it, does the company who owns that machine also own the data you provide?

It’s a very complex ethical question, and one that will need to be solved very soon. By all accounts, we’re only a few short years away from seeing AI devices, product and services in our daily lives. That’s as exciting as it is scary.

Privacy Is a Big Deal

The fact is, in every aspect of life and business, privacy is becoming more and more of a focal point. People want to be assured that their choices and their activities don’t infringe on their rights, and that includes applying for jobs.

If you’re hiring globally, make sure that you choose international background check companies that understand and adhere to global privacy laws, or you may find yourself in the same challenging situation as those AI companies where you’re under scrutiny for your privacy policies and practices.

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