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Cyber Security Culture Starts with Secure Account Access and Login Information

How to Develop a Cyber Security Culture

The consequence of cybercrime is evident in many news stories detailing various levels of damage from malicious attacks. Cyber security involves the proactive defense of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from cyber criminals. Damage can include targeted ransomware, identity theft, theft of company information, and denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). Here are some reminders on how to enhance cyber security in your organization.

Make it a Priority

Many employees and managers continue to underestimate the consequences of cybercrime until they experience the consequences directly. Ongoing education is an essential way to make sure more team members are fully aware of the threat and basic protections to minimize future consequences.

A survey may reveal a surprising lack of understanding of issues like phishing, malware, trojan horses, hacking, and more. Consider bringing in a cyber security consultant to make a presentation to expand awareness. That will help to enhance the security mindset that’s important to cyber security.

Do the Basics Well

Make sure that your servers are secure, your website have an SSL certificate, and that all your anti-virus and malware systems are up to date. If you need to limit online activities, speak to your IT department about solutions, and develop in-house cybersecurity policies. Also, make sure that you have an automated backup system in place, so that you can protect your data if your network is compromised.

Developing a Cyber Security Culture includes employee engagement

Engage Employees

One of the buzzwords in corporate culture the last decade is gamification. In this context, consider ways to make the focus on cyber security fun and competitive. That may lead to new insights about some of the related issues that impact on individual employees and work teams. A related idea is awards that acknowledge employees or work teams for their efforts to enhance cyber security. Brainstorming ideas is another way to promote engagement and collaboration.

Keep it Simple

Make your security protocols as strong as possible, and build failsafe protocols into the process, so that even if things go wrong, you can limit the damage. For instance, you can automate computers to require password resets on a fixed schedule, so even if your employees aren’t careful with their passwords, you might limit the window of risk.

Encourage Questions

Many people avoid asking questions because they are concerned about how managers and fellow employees will judge them. The fact remains that all questions have the potential to encourage thoughtfulness and fresh ideas that could address a specific issue or foster innovation. Host open forums where people can ask questions, or if you prefer, create a question box, where employees can pose their questions anonymously.

Cybercrime is part of our digital culture so it’s important to take the potential consequences seriously with thoughtful planning and open communication in developing your oprganization’s cyber security culture.

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