The Difference between an International and Domestic Background Check

The news is everywhere about how both Domestic and International organizations have a desire to eliminate potential problematic candidates who can infringe on the security of the workplace, and of their clients. With the current ‘ban the box’ legislation being passed throughout the United States and in other forms around the world, the safest way a company can reduce its liability without infringing on potential employees and contractors rights is through the use of an International or Domestic background check.

When choosing a company to assist your organization with either a International or Domestic background checks or perhaps the entire pre-employment screening process, you should take into consideration several factors:

1)      Is the information accurate and reliable? Does the screening company use verified and trusted sources for the information they receive in regards to a potential employee’s or contractor’s background?

2)      How quick is the turnaround? Is the process as seamless as possible and require very little client involvement?

3)      Is the process able to be tracked online and with verified results?

4)      Can you as the client, and your potential employee or contractor rest assured that their privacy and information will be secure throughout the background and investigative process?

5)      Is the return on investment for the services rendered positive? What is the cost? Are there any additional fees for the processes?

These are just a sample of the questions that you should ask your background and screening provider when researching a Consumer Reporting Agency, or “CRA”, which is what a pre-employment screening company is officially known as. When researching for an International pre-employment screening company, the above questions are still important, but there are a few others that should be checked as well:

1)      What, if any, additional information will you need from the prospective employee or contractor to do a thorough search in the country of inquiry?

2)      Do you check directly with previously listed employees, licensing organizations, education institution, or just use a broad check?

3)      What is the turnaround time for the particular country of inquiry? Can you check multiple countries at the same time, or for one low cost?

4)      Is the background/screening company a member of any CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) associations that promote fair and accurate reporting, such as “ConcernedCRAs”, or the US Department of Commerce’s “Safe Harbor”?

Many organizations are foreseeing increased growth in overseas operations and/or the hiring of employees who have not previously resided in the United States. Therefore, it is important to use an employee screening company that can deliver verifiable and accurate results from both domestic and international sources.

An advantage to companies in need of international background checks in today’s market is that most international screening can take place in less than two weeks, compared to the 45-90 days for data turnaround just a few years ago. While there are always exceptions, results will normally follow inquiry within 8-16 days.

If you are ready to partner with an accurate, reliable, and ethical Consumer Reporting Agency, give us an opportunity to discuss your needs with a free consultation. Accurate Information Systems can meet your needs, and we will deliver them to you with a quick, yet accurate turnaround.

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