Vendor Management: How to establish screening for vendor employees.

Vendor Management

Over 85% of businesses in the United States run background checks on their employees. Yet, most do not conduct background checks for Vendor Employees who work on-site and have access to your systems, networks, or trade secrets.

Protect Your Sensitive Information and Employees by Applying the Same Stringent Background Checks to Vendors, Independent Contractors, and Consultants.

AIS can help you establish an appropriate policy for non-employees who have access to your facilities by creating a customized background tool.

With our management system you can easily see if your guest workers have passed or failed the background check before giving them access to your facilities. In most cases this process is handled by Security/Human Resources.

Key Benefits

  • Protect sensitive information and your employees from unauthorized guest workers.
  • Vendors that have workers within your environment must comply with your policy.
  • Vendors pay for the background checks so there is no financial burden on your company.
  • One log in password for security personnel to see all vendor results.
  • Color coded adjudicated results.
  • Security can change pass/fail adjudication for badging purposes.
  • Guard entry can verify clearance in one system.
  • One system, no software requirements.

Proven Background Check Process

AIS investigators have years of experience in the field strengthening their skills and industry contacts. They have in place proven process to collect and analyze the necessary data, and the know-how to prepare easy to understand and use reports.

By leveraging their law enforcement contacts around the world, AIS can provide their clients up-to-date information verified against a variety of sources. The information is vetted then compiled into an easy to understand report.

You can be sure that AIS will remain discreet and confidential throughout the background check process.

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