Tenant Screening Services

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Tenant Screening Services

Residential or commercial rental properties are always great investments. The tenants that you choose to rent to may not be.

Having a tenant screening process in place, that includes background checks, will help you as a landlord to mitigate the risks that come with a bad tenant.

A properly built and administered screening program will increase the value of your property by ensuring you only rent to great tenants who take care of, and respect, your property.

When you ensure that you are only renting to properly screened tenants, it will lower the risk associated with property damage and negligent retention/tenancy and increase the security of other tenants on your property.

Accurate Information Systems is an industry leading background screening company dedicated to the needs of the property owner and management professional.

  • Identity Verification (SS# Search)
  • Income Verification (Verification of applicant’s current employment)
  • Credit History (Summarized or raw credit history from one of three national credit reporting agencies)
  • Criminal History Search (State/county criminal in areas of disclosed and developed residence)
  • Criminal Comprehensive Search (Convict/inmate and violent/sexual offender records)
  • Litigation History (State/county eviction court and/or civil records search)

Tenant Identity Verification

AIS will confirm the current corporate or business name and registry status of your potential commercial tenant. For residential properties, AIS will verify your future tenant’s identification with a social security number search. Both techniques ensure that you always know who you’re allowing into your building and will reduce your risk as a landlord.

Tenant Income Verification

The primary reason for a rental property is to make money. AIS’ hands-on income verification process checks an applicant’s current employment to ensure that, the individuals you are considering renting to, have the means to make their rent.

For commercial tenants, AIS will confirm the current banking relationship and account(s) status of the subject company.

Tenant Credit History

AIS can check the credit history of potential residential and commercial tenants, then provide the information in an easy to understand credit report. A credit history check is one of the best ways to ensure that there are no past credit blunders that will make paying rent more difficult for your potential tenants.

Criminal Background Checks

When you are deciding who to rent your property too, it is important to keep in mind the needs of the other tenants in the building. A criminal background check will allow you to understand those parts of potential tenants past.

AIS is able to perform comprehensive criminal searches showing convictions and violent/sexual offender records. These checks are always legally compliant and thorough.

In the case of commercial tenants, a comprehensive search of criminal histories is performed on the principals of the company.

Litigation History

AIS’ litigation history report is compiled by searching state and county eviction records and/or civil records. It will give you a full understanding of any legal troubles that your potential tenant has run into that aren’t criminal. This can include uncovering past trouble with landlords and other tenants. Speak with AIS today to learn more.

Tenant Enhanced Screening

AIS can provide tenant screening services that go above and beyond the basics. A professional licensing search will confirm the professional credentials of your tenant applicant. A Homeland Security Search, also known as the Patriot Act/Terrorist Watch List, will identify individuals that have been named as international terrorists, fugitives, and/or associates of international organized crime, money laundering, and drug cartels. These enhanced screening options will further ensure that your property is in good hands and you have peace of mind.

Knowledge Really Is Power

The more you know about your next potential tenant the more the risks will be mitigated. Ensuring good, reliable tenants that pay their rent on time are the only people that you rent to will mean that all of the renters in your building are happy. With AIS’ comprehensive tenant screening programs, they can put together a plan that is right for you.

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