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International Background Check and Screening Services

Take all the twists, turns, complexities and legalities associated with domestic U.S. employment background screening… and multiply it by at least 165!  That, is the very essence of the international pre-employment screening environment and nobody knows it better, or does it better than the professionals at Accurate Information Systems.

A redistribution of skills is great for the global economy and the future of business’ but it makes checking an international background more prevalent. With the added complexities, laws, and customs of a different country, it is even more important to have a background checking agency that you trust. AIS has become the go-to trusted source for international screening for business’ as well as other background checking agencies.

International Background Checks

Take all of the twists, turns, complexities, and legalities associated with domestic U.S. employment background screening, and multiply it by 165.  That’s the very essence of the international pre-employment screening environment and nobody knows it or does it better than the professionals at Accurate Information Systems.

Whether it’s screening an international ex-pat currently working and living in the United States or it’s screening an international candidate for employment in a country other than the United States, there are numerous legal and cultural obstacles that exist and must be respected. The hiring and screening practices of each country differ greatly, as do the sources and availability of the information required to fully investigate an individuals background.

AIS’s highly trained analysts will ensure that your international background checks follow all of the appropriate customs and laws of the country while maintaining the thoroughness and confidentiality they are known for.

Benefits of International Screening

A well-structured and executed international background screening program and policy for candidates and potential business partners offers significant benefits for your company, such as:

  • Screening reduces risks associated with negligent hiring/retention/promotion litigation.
  • Identifies the best Candidate for the position.
  • Creates a confident, unified and robust work force.
  • Reduced rate of employee turnover.
  • Well-structured and executed background screening programs and policies attract top recruitment prospects and deter individuals with less than credible qualifications or intentions.
  • Reduce training and termination costs associated with unsuitable Candidates.

AIS’ International Background Check Options

Each case undertaken by AIS is based on the history of the candidate in question and therefore must be treated as an individual process to ensure compliance with the local and international laws. Information is carefully collected from relevant agencies, vetted and prepared in an easy-to-follow report.

AIS will work with you to tailor a process that meets your needs, so you have all the necessary facts on hand when making hiring and business decisions. The professionals at AIS are experts and are able to offer the following services:

  • International Criminal Background Checks
  • Local, State and National Criminal Search
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Credit Report
  • Financial Stability Indicators Search
  • Identity Confirmation (passport, national identification documents)
  • Driving Record (MVR) Search
  • Education History Searches
  • Employment History Searches
  • Professional License Verification
  • Personal/Professional Reference Interviews
  • World Terrorist/Homeland Security (Patriot Act) Search
  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency Searches
  • National Litigation Search
  • State/County Tax Lien Search
  • Financial Regulatory Search
  • Media Searches

Screening international candidates is a complex process. Choosing the right background investigation company doesn’t have to be. AIS has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to navigate the waters and landscapes of global background investigations. They are the premier source of international records in the background screening industry, and with capabilities in over 165 countries, it’s no wonder why AIS is the “go to” company for international records.

AIS is the premier international background check and screening company

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