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Background Employment Screening Services

It’s the people that matter in a company. Good employees are an enormous asset to your business, while a single bad hire can cost more than $50,000. Unfortunately, bad hires never become apparent until after a problem arises. Using AIS as your employment screening company before you make an offer is the best way to make sure that you’re building your organization with the right people.
AIS’ employee screening services are a necessary preventive step to mitigate the risks associated with potentially bad or negligent hires.

High Quality Employment Background Screening

Filling a role within your organization, whether it is with an internal or external applicant, is a process full of legal requirements, reference checks, and data verification.

Having a well thought out and purposed background screening program will pay large dividends. AIS’ investigative domestic employee screening programs and consultative services are built to work alongside your skilled hiring and recruitment team to feel like an extension of your company so you can see these dividends sooner.

A well structured and executed employment screening program and policy can have the following organizational benefits:

  • Identifies the best candidate for the position
  • Creates a confident, unified and robust workforce
  • Reduces the rate of employee turnover
  • Attracts the top recruitment prospects and deters individuals with less than credible qualifications or intentions
  • Reduces training and termination costs associated with unsuitable candidates

Why use AIS’s Employment Screening Services?

With the variety of background screening websites, data sellers, and national criminal history databases that are prevalent in today’s screening industry, it’s reasonable for employers to have the perception that all background employment screening companies are the same. But in reality, you can’t just enter a person’s name, push a button and hope to have their life history appear.

AIS has always viewed its role in the background screening industry as a service, not as a commodity. Commodities have a finite set of properties where as the individuals that AIS investigates do not. AIS’ background reports reflect these infinite and individual properties and qualities so that you can gain a complete perspective on the individual you are considering as an asset for your organization.

Pre-Employment Screening You Can Trust

When hiring for key positions within your organization, pre-employment screening is a no-brainer. A well-reasoned hiring process that includes a pre-employment screening step for every potential employee is becoming a must in today’s litigious society. There is so much more to learn about a person than what is on their resume. AIS can work with you to give you the information you need to hire the people that will allow your company to succeed.

AIS investigators use their years of experience, contacts within the industry, and cutting-edge technology to verify a potential hires references, qualifications, and accomplishments. AIS will then present the data to you in an easy-to-understand report that is honest, verifiable, and accurate.

AIS’ investigative professionals welcome the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes to help define and establish for them the background screening programs that best meet their organizational needs and goals.

AIS Domestic Employment Screening Services

  • State, County, and Federal Criminal Background Checks
  • Violent & Sexual Offender Search
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • E-Verify Compliance Search
  • I-9 Compliance Search
  • Credit Report
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driving Record (MVR) Search
  • Education History Searches
  • Employment History Searches
  • Professional License Verification
  • Personal/Professional Reference Interviews
  • Homeland Security (Patriot Act) Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • State, County, and Federal Civil Search
  • State, County, and Federal Tax Liens Search
  • UCC Search
  • Medicaid Sanctions
  • Financial Regulatory Search
  • FAA Licensing/Sanctions Search
  • Medical Professions Sanctions Search
  • Regulatory Compliance Modeling

Consultative Services

AIS professionals can assist in the development of background screening programs and policies including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Post-Hire Screening
  • Promotion/Retention Screening
  • Volunteer Screening
  • Contingent Workforce/Vendor Screening
  • Perpetual Screening
  • Credentialing Compliance

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