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background checking services imageBackground Checking Services by AIS

Companies today are taking more and more measures to insulate themselves from both internal and external risks. To maintain corporate stability it is paramount to look ahead to changing regulatory frameworks and volatile markets.

To protect against internal risks, it is important that company’s include a background checking policy in their hiring processes, as well as when forging any new business relationships. AIS is your trusted partner for background checking services. They will tailor their services to meet the individual needs and location of your company.

Background Checking Services offered by Accurate Information Systems include:

Employment Screening

AIS is uniquely geared towards providing investigative employee screening programs dedicated to business professionals.

In order to ensure that each candidate’s persona and qualifications are legitimate, that their represented skills and accomplishments are bona fide and consistent with the prospective employer’s organizational culture, AIS combines traditional investigative search methods with privacy ensured cutting edge technology.

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Tenant Screening

Through a robust tenant screening program, landlords and property owners can offer a higher level of protection for themselves and current tenants.

Proper tenant screening can help to prevent lawsuits and increase your potential return on investment. AIS will help you be sure about who you are renting to.

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International Screening

AIS provides accurate international criminal record, employment, and education verification by going to the source of the information. They have spent years building relationships with law enforcement and government agencies around the world to ensure the information they provide to you is up-to-date. AIS has capabilities in over 165 countries and frequently offers their services to not only business professionals but also other background screening companies.

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Criminal Background Checks

AIS offers a range of criminal background checks to business professionals so they can make sure that their potential hire is who they say they are. AIS can work with you to craft privacy compliant processes and procedures within your organization, as well as providing the comprehensive screening services you need to ensure hiring success.

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