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AIS is a leading background check company providing accurate employment background screening services domestically and internationally.

The founding members of Accurate Information Systems, LLC recognized a critical need among corporations and businesses have access to reliable, vetted employee data before and after hiring. Since AIS’ inception, the scope of their clientele and service coverage has expanded to a global scale and they have become a fully comprehensive background check company. The full range of their services is available on the services page and includes employee screening, tenant screening, and international background checks.

The AIS network is comprised of hundreds of skilled data analysts, dedicated to investigative research. These professionals possess the knowledge and expertise to access specifically requested information from federal, state, local and international government agencies and institutions. AIS conducts confidential, legal and ethical investigations that are fully compliant with all federal, state and country-specific consumer reporting and privacy laws. In fact, for more than a quarter of a century, we have been using cutting edge technology combined with highly skilled security and human resources professionals and analysts to provide the very best in reliable, affordable and accurate background reports. Throughout that time, they have been conducting detailed screening processes on employees in over 165 countries from our base in the United States, because they firmly believed in providing their US-based customers with the very best in local customer service.

About AIS

The AIS executive and management teams are licensed investigative professionals with many years of investigative, law enforcement and business solutions expertise. AIS as a background check company is committed to delivering superior due diligence, employee background screening, and risk mitigation solutions necessary to aid today’s business professionals.
If you need a trusted background check company to perform services either domestically or internationally, and you want the very best results, guaranteed, then give AIS a call today.

Mission Statement

Accurate Information Systems, LLC is committed to providing superior, worldwide risk mitigation solutions encompassing the full spectrum of human resources and corporate due diligence.

Exercising superior investigative techniques, technological innovation, and dedicated customer service, we educate and empower our partner clients to make informed business decisions and to employ world-class risk mitigation plans.

Core Values

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Incomparable Commitment to Client Care, Education, and Satisfaction
  • Intense Focus on Detail and Accuracy
  • “You’re Only as Good as Your Last Report”

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