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Florida, United States, October 6, 2017 – Accurate Information Systems (AIS), a leading and trusted background checking company, announced today the launch of their new website. The website launch coincides with the rebrand of the high-tech and highly skilled employment background check company.

AIS’ new mobile responsive website was created with user experience in mind. The site navigation is clean and easy to use, giving visitors quick and easy access to AIS’ diverse line of local and international employee background checking services. The new website goes live today, October 6, 2017, and is located at:

The rebrand of AIS, refreshed the logo, and realigned the look of the company, which is dedicated to providing the very best in reliable, affordable, and accurate employee background reports to businesses of all sizes.

AIS’ new website emphasizes how easy it is for clients to request service, ensuring the quick turn around time and accurate background reports that AIS has become known for. The ability to request a sample tenant or employee background report and a demonstration with a professional investigator is easily available at visitor’s fingertips.

The AIS blog, a mainstay of the website, will continue to inform visitors of the importance background checks play in today’s society. It provides information on everything from changes in government policy to recruitment tips, and knowing what to expect from your background checking partner agency.

AIS’ new brand and website reflect the companies growth as they continue to become a trusted partner for more and more businesses. As the company expands, AIS’ dedication to their current and future customers continues to be the top priority.

About Accurate Information Systems

For more than a quarter of a century, AIS has been providing comprehensive background checks for companies around the world, by using cutting edge technology and highly skilled personnel.
They have local, handpicked teams of highly skilled data analysts to access both local and international government and law enforcement databases to compile the detailed reports their customers depend on.

The background reports AIS produces are accurate and reliable. All of the information is thoroughly analyzed, verified, and vetted using a sophisticated suite of tools and their team of seasoned, professional investigators.

AIS is committed to delivering superior employee and tenant background screening, and risk mitigation solutions necessary for today’s business professionals.

For more information on AIS and the services they offer please visit:


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