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You wouldn’t take your kid to an unqualified dentist, would you?

A professional background screening company offers accurate results, applicant privacy, fewer mistakes, improved outcomes, compliance knowledge, well-developed solutions, use of best practices

Chances are, you’ve considered doing your own screening, your own due diligence, and your own reference checks. If you own or manage a company of a certain size, you probably have competent people who could probably manage the process adequately, and you sure would like to shave a little off the budget.

However, while saving money in business is usually a good idea, foregoing a professional background screening company might not be the best way to do it. In fact, using a professional company might save you more time and money than you think, now and in future.

1. Lower Cost

You might not realize it, but unless you have a highly skilled HR team already on the payroll, DIY screening can cost you more right off the bat. If you use an employee or employees who don’t know how to conduct screening to do the checks, you’re still paying them their hourly rate while they figure out what to do and how, and go through the process. Those hours add up quickly, and the result may well cost more in wages to staff members than hiring the pros.

2. Improved Accuracy

There are plenty of ways that data can be corrupted when running background screening, from a subtle misspelling to missing one crucial organization when conducting your screening. Professionals double and triple check information before they present it to you, and they already know who to contact and what to request.

3. Less Legal Risk

A professional background screening company team knows what they can ask and how, but they also know what you absolutely cannot ask an employment candidate, potential tenant, or someone else. Asking the wrong questions can get you in legal trouble, and that gets expensive fast. If you’re not absolutely sure, trust a professional.

4. Improved Privacy

We’ve all seen the chaos that happens when an online company gets hacked, and private information is leaked. Screening results are the same thing, on a smaller scale. If you are not absolutely sure that you can protect every shred of personal information you gather on a candidate, then you should absolutely hire professionals to do your screening. Because they will only share information that you need and are entitled to, and because they will store and or destroy screening results correctly, you’re protected from breach of privacy claims.

5. Knowledge of Requirements

A professional background screening company won’t need to research what you can and should know about any candidate. They already know. They have a list of items that need to be checked off, and how to go about getting the information needed to do just that. They won’t skip crucial steps, and they also won’t waste time and money on unnecessary or illegal screening processes.

In fact, most companies will work with you to determine your own best practices, based on the application of the screening results, your industry and needs, and various other factors.

6. Peace of Mind

There’s a reason you take your car to a licensed mechanic rather than the guy down the street, or trust the best orthodontist with your kid’s braces. You know they’re going to get the job done right, and if they don’t, you know that they will go out of their way to fix the problem.

That peace of mind may be last on this list, but it’s probably the most important item. Because no one needs any more worries when you’re trying to run a company.

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