Employment Screening

AIS offers superior employee background screening services to provide you with confidence in the identity, character, experience, and qualifications of your new hire.

Vendor Management

Protect your sensitive information and employees by applying the same stringent background checks to Vendors, Independent Contractors, and Consultants.

Tenant Screening

A properly defined and administered tenant screening program boosts property value and associated return on investment by fostering tenant excellence.

International Services

AIS has capabilities in over 165 countries. They have tailored their international screening services, to give you peace of mind, wherever in the world your business takes you.

Accredited PBSA Company - Professional Background Screening Association

AIS’ background checking services are designed to limit your risk and help ensure hiring success.

They combine the latest technology with years of investigative expertise.

Quick, Easy and Helpful

The information you receive from AIS is easy to interpret and apply, while still remaining user-friendly. There are no call centers in foreign countries or “trouble-tickets” that take weeks to resolve. You speak directly to AIS Customer Care professionals, so answers, actions, and resolutions are quick, easy and helpful.

Confidential & Legally Compliant

The investigative professionals at AIS have years of experience providing secure screening services to clients all over the world. They know that upfront risk management is a key part of the process. AIS’ background screening and reporting processes are fully legally compliant and completely confidential no matter which country they’re providing service in.

Smart and Reliable

AIS uses decades of professional investigative experience to access the necessary detailed information about an individual. The information AIS gathers is carefully analyzed, verified, and vetted with a sophisticated suite of tools so that you can rest assured that your report is accurate and reliable.

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